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Sage is a programming language designed for maximum portability, expressiveness, and intuitiveness.


Sage represents an ambitious project in the domain of programming languages, aiming to carve a niche for itself by blending the unique strengths of Rust, C, and Python into a single, cohesive programming environment. The choice of these three languages as foundational pillars is strategic, leveraging Rust’s renowned memory safety and concurrency features, C’s unparalleled performance and system-level access, and Python’s simplicity and readability.

The language’s focus on portability, expressiveness, and intuitiveness is a direct response to the common challenges faced by developers in various programming scenarios. By aiming for maximum portability, Sage seeks to enable developers to write code once and run it across multiple platforms without significant modifications. This goal is facilitated by its diverse backend support, which includes an x86 compiler backend, a C source code backend, and a VM (Virtual Machine) interpreter backend capable of running on the web. These backends provide multiple pathways for Sage programs to be compiled or interpreted across different environments, from native x86 architecture to web-based applications, thus broadening the range of applications that can be developed with Sage.

The x86 compiler backend allows Sage to be compiled directly to x86 machine code, the most widely used instruction set architecture, ensuring high performance and efficiency for applications running on x86-compatible devices. The C source code backend offers an interesting bridge to one of the most universal and powerful programming languages, enabling Sage code to be converted into C source code. This not only ensures compatibility with systems where C compilers are available but also leverages the vast ecosystem of C libraries and tools. The VM interpreter backend, designed to run on the web, underscores Sage’s commitment to modern development needs, allowing programs written in Sage to be executed within web browsers. This capability is especially relevant in the era of cloud computing and web-based applications, where the ability to run code seamlessly on the web is highly valued.

By combining the best elements of Rust, C, and Python, Sage aspires to provide developers with a robust platform for developing applications that are not only efficient and portable but also intuitive to write and maintain. Whether it’s for system-level programming, building performance-critical applications, or developing scalable web services, Sage positions itself as a versatile tool in a developer’s arsenal, promising a unique blend of safety, performance, and ease of use.

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