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go-guerrilla is a lightweight SMTP server written in Go for receiving large volumes of mail.


The go-guerrilla project is an SMTP server implementation crafted in the Go programming language, specifically tailored for managing high volumes of email traffic efficiently. Its lightweight design makes it an ideal choice for applications or systems that require the capability to receive large quantities of email without significant overhead. The software offers flexibility in deployment; it can be integrated directly into Go-based projects as a library or it can operate independently as a server through the use of the guerrillad executable. This duality allows developers to choose the most suitable integration method based on their project’s architecture and requirements.

One of the key features of go-guerrilla is its built-in support for popular data storage solutions, namely MySQL and Redis. This inclusion facilitates easy storage and management of incoming emails by leveraging these widely-used databases, enabling developers to set up a robust email handling system with minimal additional configuration. Furthermore, go-guerrilla is designed to be extensible through the use of processors. Processors are plugins or modules that can perform various operations on the incoming emails, such as filtering, forwarding, or integrating with other services. The project comes with support for a range of processors developed by different vendors, including those for storing emails in the MailDir format or interfacing with web applications via FastCGI. This extensibility allows for a high degree of customization and adaptability, making go-guerrilla a versatile solution for a wide array of email reception scenarios. Whether the goal is to develop a custom email service, handle notifications for a web application, or simply process incoming mail in a specific way, go-guerrilla provides the tools and flexibility needed to accomplish these tasks efficiently.

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