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Quepy is a Python framework that converts natural language questions into queries in a database query language, simplifying the process of accessing database informati...


Quepy is a framework developed in Python designed to bridge the gap between natural language processing (NLP) and database management systems (DBMS). The core functionality of Quepy revolves around its ability to interpret questions posed in natural language and transform them into formal queries, specifically formatted in database query languages such as Sparql and MQL. This transformation process allows users to interact with databases using everyday language, thereby lowering the technical barrier traditionally associated with querying databases.

By supporting multiple query languages, Quepy extends its utility across various types of databases and information management systems, including those tailored for semantic web (Sparql) and structured data in Google’s Knowledge Graph (MQL). This versatility makes Quepy an invaluable tool for developers and researchers looking to create intuitive, natural language interfaces for accessing and manipulating database contents.

The framework achieves this by leveraging the Python programming language’s extensive libraries and tools for NLP and text processing. Developers can define specific patterns or rules that map natural language structures to the corresponding query syntax of the target database language. As a result, Quepy acts as a middleware that interprets user intents expressed in natural language and translates them into executable queries that can retrieve or manipulate data in a database, streamlining the interaction between end-users and complex data repositories without requiring direct knowledge of query languages.

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