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Glider is a proxy conversion tool developed in Go, similar to gost but compiled into an EXE that is half the size due to fewer features.


Glider is a software tool designed to facilitate the conversion of proxy protocols, built using the Go programming language. It is comparable to another tool named gost, which serves a similar purpose in the realm of proxy management and conversion. A key characteristic of Glider is its compilation into an executable file (EXE), which is notably smaller in size compared to gost’s executable. This reduction in size is achieved by omitting some of the features that are present in gost, leading to a more streamlined tool. Despite the paring down of features, Glider does not compromise on its core functionality. It is described as being “sufficiently powerful” for tasks related to proxy conversion, indicating that it retains the essential capabilities needed for its intended use cases.

One of the notable features of Glider is its support for “verbose operation.” This means that it can provide detailed logs or feedback during its operation, which can be invaluable for troubleshooting, monitoring, or understanding the tool’s actions at a granular level. Moreover, Glider is versatile in terms of network communication, as it is designed to “listen” and “forward” commands across various protocols. This flexibility allows it to be used in a wide range of network configurations and scenarios, making it adaptable to different proxy conversion requirements.

In summary, Glider emerges as a lightweight yet capable tool for proxy conversion tasks, emphasizing efficiency and versatility while offering a user-friendly experience through verbose operation feedback. Its ability to work with multiple protocols further enhances its utility in diverse networking environments.

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