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Another ChatGPT UI that supports almost all APIs, including but not limited to OpenAI, Azure, Claude, and Hugging Face.


This GitHub project introduces an advanced user interface for ChatGPT that integrates a wide range of functionalities to enhance user interaction with various AI models. The interface is designed to support multiple APIs from leading AI providers such as OpenAI, Microsoft Azure, Claude (likely referring to an AI model or service), and Hugging Face. This broad compatibility ensures that users can access and interact with a variety of AI models through a single platform, making it versatile for different use cases.

One of the key features of this project is its plugin support, which extends the interface’s capabilities beyond basic chat interactions. This includes content searching, which allows users to search for information directly from the ChatGPT interface, and web summarization, which enables users to get concise summaries of web content without leaving the chat. These plugins likely work by integrating with external services or APIs to fetch and process information, providing a seamless experience within the ChatGPT interaction.

Another significant aspect of the project is its focus on collaboration and record-keeping. It offers functionalities for sharing records of ChatGPT interactions, which could be useful for collaborative projects or for users who want to share insights and information obtained through the AI models. Additionally, the project supports cloud storage for these records and for personal settings. This means that users can access their ChatGPT records and preferences from any device, making the platform more flexible and personalized.

Overall, this GitHub project represents a comprehensive effort to enhance the ChatGPT experience by integrating with a broad array of AI models, offering advanced features for information retrieval and management, and ensuring user convenience through sharing and cloud storage capabilities.

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