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GreatMaster is a tool designed to promote thinking and personal growth through interaction with a 'master' by using a specific prompt.


GreatMaster is a unique and innovative tool designed to foster personal growth and enlightenment through interactive dialogue with historical and philosophical figures. The core of this project lies in its use of a specific file, named ‘master.pdl’, which users can incorporate into ChatGPT to initiate conversations with figures like Buddha, Laozi, Wang Yangming, Sadhguru, and Socrates. This method transforms ordinary text conversations into structured command dialogues, offering a more profound and insightful interaction with the AI.

The purpose of GreatMaster is to encourage users to engage in deep thinking and self-discovery by consulting with these ‘masters’. By leveraging the knowledge and philosophical insights of these historical figures, users can explore a wide range of topics and receive guidance that might help them navigate personal challenges, reflect on moral and ethical questions, or simply gain a broader understanding of life and the universe.

One of the main features of GreatMaster is its prompt-based interaction model. Unlike regular chat interactions, this project uses predefined prompts that guide the conversation towards meaningful and enlightening discussions. This ensures that the dialogues are not only relevant but also rich in wisdom and insight.

The advantages of using GreatMaster include:

  • Access to Historical Wisdom: Users can draw upon the collective wisdom of renowned philosophical and spiritual leaders from different cultures and eras.
  • Structured Dialogues: The predefined prompts ensure that conversations are focused and meaningful, leading to more insightful exchanges than what might be achieved through casual chat.
  • Personal Growth: By engaging with the deep and thought-provoking ideas presented by these masters, users are encouraged to reflect on their own lives, beliefs, and decisions, promoting personal development and growth.
  • Open Source Accessibility: Being an open-source project, GreatMaster allows for community contributions and improvements, ensuring that the tool evolves and remains relevant to its users’ needs.

In summary, GreatMaster stands out as a tool that not only enhances the way users interact with AI but also serves as a bridge to the wisdom of the past, making it an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to expand their mind and soul through reflective and guided dialogue.

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