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IBM's Dromedary is a research-focused large language model built on the LLaMA foundation.


IBM’s Dromedary project represents a pioneering approach in the development of large language models (LLMs), focusing on the creation of an AI assistant that is both ethical and reliable with minimal human oversight during its training phase. At the heart of Dromedary is the SELF-ALIGN method, a novel technique designed to align AI outputs with human intentions and values. This method significantly reduces the need for human supervision by leveraging a small set of human-defined principles and self-generated instructions, which guide the AI’s behavior in responding to various prompts.

The project utilizes the LLaMA-65b base language model and introduces a unique combination of principled reasoning and the generative capabilities of LLMs to produce responses that are not only ethically aligned but also reliable and useful across a broad spectrum of queries. Dromedary aims to address and overcome common challenges in AI development, such as ensuring quality, reliability, diversity, self-consistency, and reducing biases without the extensive need for costly human intervention.

One of the standout features of Dromedary is its open-source nature, which makes it accessible for further research and development within the AI community. By requiring minimal human-annotated data (around 300 lines or less) to guide the base model, it sets a new standard for efficiency in supervision. This approach allows Dromedary to generate high-quality language outputs that adhere to a predefined set of 16 principles, focusing on ethical and reliable interactions.

IBM’s initiative with Dromedary not only demonstrates an innovative method for reducing the labor-intensive process of training AI models but also enhances their performance in understanding and aligning with human ethical standards. The project has shown promising results, notably outperforming models like GPT-4 in benchmarks such as the TruthfulQA dataset. The comprehensive open-source repository provided by IBM includes the code, training methodology, and principles behind the SELF-ALIGN process, representing a significant advancement in the quest for developing cost-effective, ethically aligned AI models. This approach to AI development paves the way for creating more responsible and accessible AI technologies, aligning closely with human values and intentions with minimal supervision.

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