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Kyanite is a neural network inference library developed in Rust.


Kyanite emerges as a specialized neural network inference library, with its development grounded in Rust, a programming language well-regarded for its performance and safety features. The core functionality of Kyanite is to enable the execution of neural network models that are stored in the ONNX (Open Neural Network Exchange) format. This format is a widely-recognized standard for representing deep learning models, allowing for their interoperability across various frameworks and tools.

The library is designed with flexibility in mind, offering support for running these ONNX models on different types of hardware. Specifically, it caters to CPUs as well as Nvidia GPUs. The inclusion of Nvidia GPU support is particularly noteworthy because it leverages CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture), CUDNN (CUDA Deep Neural Network library), and CUBLAS (CUDA Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms). These technologies are integral to Nvidia’s ecosystem, enabling accelerated computing and thus significantly boosting the performance of neural network inferences.

The architectural choice of a modular design within Kyanite is instrumental in its utility and efficiency. By clearly delineating the different stages of the neural network inference process, the library not only enhances the clarity of operations but also facilitates the development process. Developers can focus on specific aspects of the inference pipeline, optimizing or customizing them as needed without the risk of unintended effects on other components. This modularity is particularly beneficial for creating high-performance applications that leverage hardware acceleration, as it allows for targeted optimizations and adaptations based on the underlying hardware capabilities.

In summary, Kyanite positions itself as a potent tool for developers looking to harness the power of neural networks in their applications, with its robust support for ONNX models, compatibility with leading hardware acceleration technologies, and a design philosophy that prioritizes performance, flexibility, and ease of development.

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