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Awesome Optimization Courses is a curated list of resources for learning mathematical optimization.


The “Awesome Optimization Courses” project on GitHub serves as a comprehensive repository designed to cater to the educational needs of individuals interested in mathematical optimization. This project aggregates a wide array of resources that span across different formats and mediums to accommodate a diverse range of learning preferences and requirements. Included within its curated list are academic courses, standalone lectures, textbooks, and concise notes that provide theoretical insights as well as practical applications of optimization techniques.

Furthermore, to support hands-on learning and application development, the project also lists various libraries, frameworks, and software tools. These resources are particularly useful for implementing optimization algorithms and solving complex optimization problems in various programming environments. The inclusion of these tools not only aids in the practical understanding of theoretical concepts but also equips learners with the necessary skills to apply optimization methods in real-world scenarios.

The overarching goal of the “Awesome Optimization Courses” project is to democratize access to high-quality educational materials in the field of optimization. By compiling these resources in an open and freely accessible manner, the project endeavors to bridge the knowledge gap for a wide audience. This audience ranges from novices who are just beginning their journey in mathematical optimization, to intermediate learners seeking to deepen their understanding, and even to advanced practitioners looking to stay abreast of the latest methodologies and tools in the field.

By doing so, the project not only facilitates self-directed learning but also supports academic instruction and professional development in the realm of optimization. It stands as a valuable asset for anyone looking to explore or advance their knowledge and skills in mathematical optimization, providing a well-structured and comprehensive guide to the plethora of educational resources available in this domain.

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