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This project involves creating an array of mirrors through 3D printing that can reflect light at various angles to form specific patterns or text.


The GitHub project in discussion is a unique and innovative application of 3D printing technology and optical principles to create a highly personalized and creative method of communication. Essentially, the project centers around designing and fabricating an array of mirrors. These mirrors are not just ordinary reflective surfaces; they are meticulously arranged and angled to direct beams of light in such a way that, when illuminated correctly, they can project predefined patterns or textual messages onto a surface.

The underlying principle is akin to using a complex system of reflective surfaces to control the path of light, similar to how a periscope works but on a more intricate scale. Each mirror in the array is positioned at a specific angle, calculated to reflect light towards a particular point. When light, such as a focused beam from a flashlight or laser pointer, hits the array, it is reflected and redirected multiple times across the mirrors. The culmination of these reflections and the precise arrangement of the mirrors allow the formation of distinct patterns or readable text in the form of light on a target surface, such as a wall or screen.

The project’s creator took this concept and applied it in a deeply personal and creative way, using the mirror array to propose to his boyfriend. This application showcases not just the technical ingenuity of the project but also its potential for emotional depth and personal significance. It demonstrates how technology, creativity, and personal expression can intersect to create memorable and impactful experiences. The project likely involved considerable effort in design, from the conceptualization of how to arrange the mirrors to achieve the desired message, to the actual 3D printing and assembly of the mirror array. The successful execution of such a project would require a blend of skills in 3D modeling, optical physics, and perhaps a touch of romantic creativity.

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