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A one-stop Code LLM toolkit by Salesforce, CodeTF offers a unified interface for training, inferring, and fine-tuning Code LLMs.


CodeTF, developed by Salesforce, is a comprehensive toolkit designed specifically for working with Large Language Models (LLMs) that are oriented towards coding or programming applications. It aims to serve as a centralized platform, much like HuggingFace does for a broad range of LLM applications beyond code, by providing users with tools and interfaces for various tasks associated with Code LLMs. These tasks include training new models, inferring or generating code using pre-trained models, and fine-tuning existing models to better suit specific needs or improve performance on particular types of coding tasks.

The toolkit is notable for its support of a wide variety of Code LLMs. This means that developers and researchers can work with multiple models under a unified interface, simplifying the process of experimenting with different models or switching between them according to their project needs. By offering a HuggingFace-like platform specifically for code-related LLM applications, CodeTF aims to make the development and deployment of code-generating AI more accessible and efficient. This can benefit a range of users, from academic researchers studying the capabilities of LLMs in coding contexts to software developers looking to integrate AI-powered code generation into their workflows.

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