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Curated by Xing Wang, this project compiles a list of resources related to machine translation with large language models (LLMs).


The GitHub project overseen by Xing Wang is essentially a meticulously assembled collection of materials that pertain to the domain of machine translation, specifically focusing on the implementation and exploration of large language models (LLMs). This project acts as a pivotal resource for anyone delving into the nuances of language translation through advanced computational models. It encapsulates a broad spectrum of research findings, methodologies, tools, and discussions that illuminate the current state and ongoing advancements in the field of machine translation.

Through this project, Xing Wang provides a gateway to a variety of content ranging from academic papers and case studies to practical tools and frameworks that have been developed within the context of using LLMs for translation purposes. This not only includes theoretical underpinnings but also empirical evidence and case examples that showcase the application of these models in real-world scenarios. As such, the collection is invaluable for researchers, practitioners, and enthusiasts who aim to grasp the complexities of machine translation technologies, understand their limitations, and explore their potential.

The initiative to compile such a resource indicates a commitment to fostering knowledge sharing and collaboration among those interested in leveraging LLMs for breaking language barriers. It supports the advancement of the field by ensuring that crucial insights and state-of-the-art research are accessible, thereby encouraging further innovation and exploration in machine translation.

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