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ToolBench is a benchmarking tool by SambaNova Systems designed to research and evaluate the capabilities of open-source large language models in software tool manipula...


ToolBench, created by SambaNova Systems, serves as a specialized benchmarking utility aimed at the analysis and assessment of open-source large language models (LLMs) concerning their proficiency in manipulating software tools. This platform is uniquely positioned to provide researchers and developers with a comprehensive suite of software tools, along with a user-friendly infrastructure, enabling them to gauge the effectiveness of various LLMs in real-world software tool interaction scenarios directly. The primary objective of ToolBench is to measure the “execution success rate,” which is a key indicator of how well these models can understand and carry out tasks using different software tools. By offering a wide array of software tools for testing, ToolBench addresses the critical need for a standardized method to evaluate the practical capabilities of LLMs in software tool manipulation, highlighting their potential applications and limitations in this domain.

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