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LLMAgentPapers is a curated list of must-read papers on Multiagents of Large Language Models (LLMs), presented by ZJUNLP.


The GitHub project LLMAgentPapers, presented by ZJUNLP, is a specialized collection of pivotal academic papers focusing on the integration and interaction of Large Language Models (LLMs) with multi-agent systems. This project aims to be an authoritative resource for those delving into the research or application of LLMs within multi-agent environments. It targets both scholars and professionals who are navigating the complexities and advancements at the nexus of these two technological areas.

The repository features a selection of papers that cover a broad spectrum of topics relevant to the field. These include foundational theories, innovative methodologies, practical applications, and the latest research findings related to the use of LLMs in multi-agent settings. The collection is meticulously curated to ensure it provides valuable insights into how LLMs can be leveraged or enhanced when deployed in scenarios involving multiple interacting agents. This could range from collaborative tasks, negotiation, competition, to complex decision-making processes, highlighting the potential for LLMs to contribute to more intelligent, adaptable, and autonomous multi-agent systems.

By consolidating this wealth of knowledge in one place, LLMAgentPapers facilitates easier access to high-quality research, encouraging further exploration, innovation, and collaboration in the domain. It reflects an effort to bridge the gap between two rapidly evolving fields, offering a foundation upon which future studies and technologies can be built. Through this project, ZJUNLP not only supports the academic community but also practitioners in the tech industry who are seeking to understand or apply cutting-edge developments in LLMs and multi-agent systems to real-world problems.

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