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A benchmarking project aimed at evaluating the performance of Apple's MLX operations on mlx GPU, CPU, torch MPS, and CUDA.


This GitHub project focuses on a benchmarking study specifically designed to measure and compare the efficiency and speed of Apple’s Machine Learning Accelerator (MLX) operations. These operations are crucial for executing machine learning tasks, and the project’s scope includes evaluating performance across several key platforms and hardware configurations:

  1. MLX GPU: This refers to evaluating MLX operations when run on the specialized graphics processing units (GPUs) designed by Apple. These GPUs are optimized for machine learning tasks, potentially offering enhanced performance for certain types of computations.

  2. CPU: The project also benchmarks MLX operations on central processing units (CPUs). This comparison is essential because, despite GPUs often being faster for parallelizable tasks, CPUs are more versatile and still handle a significant portion of computational tasks in many applications.

  3. Torch MPS: MPS stands for Metal Performance Shaders, which is Apple’s framework for accelerating graphics and compute operations on its devices. The benchmarking includes testing MLX operations within the PyTorch environment utilizing MPS, which could offer insights into how well PyTorch leverages Apple’s hardware for machine learning tasks.

  4. CUDA: Lastly, the project benchmarks against CUDA, which is NVIDIA’s parallel computing platform and programming model. Comparing MLX operations’ performance on CUDA provides a direct insight into how Apple’s MLX operations stack up against NVIDIA’s well-established GPU technology in machine learning contexts.

The primary goal of this project is to offer comprehensive insights into the performance characteristics of MLX operations across these varied environments. By doing so, it aims to support developers and researchers in making informed decisions on how to optimize their machine learning tasks, depending on their specific hardware and platform requirements. This benchmarking effort is crucial for anyone involved in developing or deploying machine learning applications, as it directly impacts the efficiency, speed, and cost-effectiveness of these applications.

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