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XTalker accelerates talking face animation on 4th Gen Xeon CPUs.


The GitHub project XTalker is designed to enhance the performance of talking face animation, specifically optimized for 4th Generation Xeon CPUs. It represents an advancement from its predecessor, SadTalker, by incorporating two key technical strategies: low precision computation and parallelization. These techniques are instrumental in boosting the inference speed by a factor of ten. This substantial increase in speed is particularly beneficial for developers focused on creating real-time facial animation and talking avatars, as it addresses a critical need for efficiency and responsiveness in these applications. By significantly improving performance, XTalker provides a valuable tool for those in the field of animated and interactive digital characters, making it easier to achieve fluid, lifelike animations in real time. This improvement not only enhances the user experience but also expands the potential for innovation in applications involving talking faces, such as virtual assistants, animated characters in gaming, and interactive entertainment.

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