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A reading list for Multimodal Large Language Models that compiles significant research and resources in the field.


The GitHub project in question serves as a curated collection of scholarly articles, research papers, and resources focused on the intersection of Large Language Models (LLMs) with multimodal data integration. This realm of study explores how LLMs can be expanded beyond text-based understanding and generation to incorporate and interpret various data types, including but not limited to images, audio, and possibly videos. The purpose of such integration is to create AI systems that are not only proficient in processing and generating text but also capable of understanding and producing content across multiple modes of communication. This enhances the AI’s ability to comprehend context more holistically, engage in more nuanced interactions, and produce outputs that are rich and varied in nature. The reading list is likely structured to offer insights into the methodologies, challenges, advancements, and the current state of technology in making AI systems more versatile through the incorporation of multimodal data. By doing so, it aims to support the development of AI that can perform tasks requiring the interpretation of complex, multimodal information, akin to human-like understanding and creativity.

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