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Obsidian-copilot is an extension for Obsidian, acting as a copilot assistant for writing and thinking.


The Obsidian-copilot project is designed to serve as an advanced assistant for users of Obsidian, a popular note-taking application that is favored for its flexibility and power in managing knowledge and information. This extension augments the core functionalities of Obsidian by introducing features that leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to streamline the process of writing and organizing thoughts.

At its core, Obsidian-copilot focuses on enhancing the user’s productivity and creativity. It achieves this by offering capabilities such as retrieving relevant notes and documents within the user’s vault. This means that if you’re working on a project or a piece of writing, the copilot can automatically suggest existing notes that are related to the topic at hand, saving time and effort in searching through your collection.

Moreover, Obsidian-copilot goes a step further by not just retrieving content but also assisting in the creation of new content. It can draft paragraphs or sections of text based on the inputs or prompts given by the user. This is particularly useful for overcoming writer’s block or simply accelerating the writing process by generating ideas or complete paragraphs that the user can refine and incorporate into their work.

The extension is also designed to be versatile, catering to a wide range of uses beyond just note retrieval and paragraph drafting. This includes but is not limited to brainstorming ideas, synthesizing information from multiple notes, and even helping in planning and outlining larger writing projects or studies. Essentially, it acts as a digital assistant that complements the user’s thought process, making it easier to manage complex information and creative tasks.

By integrating intelligent search and content generation features, Obsidian-copilot enriches the Obsidian ecosystem. It not only makes the process of handling notes more efficient but also enhances the overall experience of using Obsidian for various purposes, whether for academic research, personal knowledge management, creative writing, or project planning. This extension embodies the potential of combining traditional note-taking with the latest advancements in AI to create a more powerful and seamless tool for information management and creation.

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