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Copilot for Obsidian is a ChatGPT-powered plugin for Obsidian, acting as a Q&A bot based on your notes.


The “Copilot for Obsidian” plugin integrates ChatGPT technology into the Obsidian note-taking application, transforming your collection of notes into a conversational partner. This plugin reads through your notes stored within Obsidian and utilizes the capabilities of ChatGPT to understand and process your queries about the content. When you ask a question, Copilot for Obsidian searches through your notes to find relevant information and then presents insights or answers directly derived from your notes. This feature significantly augments the functionality of Obsidian by providing a dynamic way to engage with your notes, making it easier to find information, understand connections between different pieces of information, and even discover new insights from your existing notes. This interaction model leverages the natural language processing abilities of ChatGPT, enabling a more intuitive and efficient method for managing and benefiting from your personal knowledge base within the Obsidian ecosystem.

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