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Emacs Copilot provides code completion for Emacs using a locally run large language model (LLM).


Emacs Copilot is a tool designed to enhance the coding experience within the Emacs text editor by integrating code completion capabilities powered by a large language model (LLM) that runs locally on the user’s machine. This integration allows developers to write code more efficiently by providing suggestions for code completion as they type, which can significantly speed up the coding process and help in writing higher quality code.

The Emacs Copilot is designed with versatility in mind, enabling it to work across a wide range of programming languages. It achieves this by analyzing the file extension of the currently open file in Emacs to determine which programming language is being used. Once the programming language is identified, the Copilot tailors its code completion suggestions to fit the syntax and conventions of that specific language, ensuring that the suggestions are relevant and accurate.

This approach allows Emacs Copilot to be a highly flexible tool that can support developers working in various programming environments and languages, from widely used languages like Python, JavaScript, and Java to more specialized or emerging languages. The local running of the LLM ensures that the code completion suggestions are generated quickly and without the need for an active internet connection, offering a seamless and efficient coding experience directly within Emacs.

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