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GFMPapers is a comprehensive collection of must-read papers on graph foundation models (GFMs).


GFMPapers stands as a pivotal repository, dedicated to the aggregation of seminal research papers on graph foundation models (GFMs). This curated compilation is designed to cater to both scholars and industry experts who are navigating the intricacies of graph-based methodologies. The repository is not merely a collection; it’s an academic and practical guide that illuminates the multifaceted applications of GFMs across diverse domains. By delving into this resource, users gain access to a wealth of knowledge on how these models function, the innovative technologies they employ, and the ways they can revolutionize the interpretation of complex data through sophisticated mapping of relationships and interactions. Whether one’s interest lies in the theoretical underpinnings of GFMs or their tangible benefits in real-world applications, GFMPapers offers a comprehensive overview that showcases the transformative potential of graph foundation models in pushing the boundaries of data analysis and understanding.

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