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This project, curated by Audrey W., gathers lists of accepted papers from major conferences in the fields of Machine Learning (ML), Databases (DB), and Natural Languag...


The GitHub project managed by Audrey W. focuses on aggregating and organizing lists of papers that have been accepted at prominent conferences across several key areas of computer science, specifically Machine Learning (ML), Databases (DB), and Natural Language Processing (NLP). It is designed to be a comprehensive resource, targeting both researchers and practitioners who are interested in the cutting-edge developments within these fields. By consolidating accepted papers in one place, the project simplifies the process of locating and accessing significant academic work, enabling users to stay abreast of new theories, technologies, and methodologies. Audrey W. commits to the continuous update of the repository with new lists from subsequent conferences, ensuring that the resource remains current and of high relevance to the academic and professional communities interested in these areas of study. This initiative not only facilitates knowledge dissemination but also fosters collaboration and inspiration among those engaged in advancing ML, DB, and NLP disciplines.

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