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PatchRD stands for 'Detail-Preserving Shape Completion by Learning Patch Retrieval and Deformation', a project presented at ECCV 2022.


The PatchRD project, represented at the European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV) in 2022, introduces a novel method for 3D shape completion, which is a crucial task in the fields of 3D modeling and computer vision. The primary goal of 3D shape completion is to accurately fill in missing parts or details of 3D objects, which is essential for creating high-quality visual effects, realistic 3D simulations, and various other applications where detailed and complete 3D representations are necessary.

Traditional methods of shape completion often struggle with preserving the fine details of the original shapes, leading to completed models that might lack accuracy or realism. To address this challenge, the PatchRD project employs a two-fold strategy: patch retrieval and deformation. This technique is designed to enhance the fidelity and accuracy of the completed shapes by ensuring that the added parts are not only geometrically consistent but also retain the intricate details of the original object.

Patch Retrieval: In this step, the algorithm identifies and retrieves appropriate patches from a dataset. These patches are selected based on their similarity to the missing parts of the shape being completed. By leveraging a comprehensive dataset, the system can find patches that closely match the geometric and textural characteristics of the incomplete shape, ensuring that the completed object looks cohesive and detailed.

Patch Deformation: Once suitable patches are retrieved, they are not directly applied to the incomplete shape. Instead, they undergo a deformation process to ensure a perfect fit. This deformation adjusts the patches in a way that they seamlessly blend with the existing parts of the shape, preserving the original object’s details and contours. This step is crucial for maintaining the authenticity and realism of the completed shape, as it allows for the integration of the retrieved patches without compromising the object’s overall integrity.

By combining patch retrieval with subsequent deformation, the PatchRD approach significantly improves upon traditional 3D shape completion methods. It enables the creation of completed 3D models that not only fill in the missing parts but do so in a way that preserves the original object’s detail and texture. This is particularly beneficial for applications requiring high-quality visual effects and realistic 3D simulations, where the accuracy and detail of the 3D models are paramount for immersive and authentic experiences.

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