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AgentLabs is an open-source, universal AI agent frontend that enables users to control their AI agents through a real-time, bidirectional streaming SDK.


AgentLabs is designed as an open-source platform aimed at providing a comprehensive and adaptable interface for managing AI agents. Its core functionality revolves around a real-time, bidirectional streaming SDK, which serves as a bridge between the user and their AI agents. This SDK is the heart of AgentLabs, offering a flexible and dynamic way for users to interact with their AI systems in real time. By emphasizing the frontend, AgentLabs sets itself apart by enabling developers to retain full control over the backend architecture of their projects. This approach encourages innovation and customization, allowing developers to tailor their backend solutions according to the specific needs and requirements of their applications. In essence, AgentLabs acts as a facilitator, simplifying the process of integrating and managing AI agents across a wide range of applications by providing a robust, user-friendly interface that connects to any backend the developer chooses to implement. This level of flexibility and control makes AgentLabs a valuable tool for developers looking to harness the power of AI in their projects, without being constrained by the limitations of a predefined backend system.

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