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This GitHub repository provides educational materials from ProbAI 2023, the Nordic Probabilistic AI School of 2023.


The GitHub repository in question serves as a comprehensive resource hub for participants or enthusiasts of ProbAI 2023, also known as the Nordic Probabilistic AI School of 2023. Its primary goal is to disseminate knowledge and educational content focused on the domain of probabilistic artificial intelligence. This area of study encompasses the theoretical underpinnings, methodologies, and the real-world implementation of AI systems that rely on probability theory to make predictions, decisions, or to model uncertainty.

The repository is structured to cater to a wide audience range, from beginners curious about probabilistic AI to advanced practitioners looking to deepen their expertise. It includes a variety of learning materials such as lectures, tutorials, code examples, and datasets, all aimed at facilitating a hands-on understanding of how probabilistic models are constructed, trained, and deployed in artificial intelligence tasks.

By focusing on both foundational concepts and practical applications, the repository ensures that learners gain a balanced view of the field, understanding not only the theoretical aspects but also how these theories are applied in real-world scenarios. This approach is intended to foster innovation and promote the further research and development of probabilistic AI technologies, thereby contributing to advancements in the field.

Furthermore, the repository acts as a platform for knowledge sharing and community building among individuals interested in probabilistic AI. It encourages collaboration and exchange of ideas, making it a valuable resource for anyone looking to delve into or contribute to the field of probabilistic artificial intelligence.

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