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A new technology from Meta AI that generates full-body photorealistic virtual characters from audio.


This GitHub project showcases a groundbreaking technology developed by Meta AI, designed to create full-body, photorealistic virtual characters driven by audio input. This technology is distinguished by its ability to produce characters that not only exhibit a high degree of visual realism, closely resembling real humans, but also possess the dynamic capability to perform a wide range of actions and expressions. Key to its functionality is the characters’ ability to engage in conversations with gestures, smiles, and other non-verbal cues that enhance the realism of interactions.

The technology is versatile, supporting applications involving both single characters and interactions between multiple virtual persons. This allows for the simulation of complex dialogue scenarios, making it suitable for a variety of uses such as virtual meetings, storytelling, or digital assistants that require a more personal and engaging user experience. The emphasis on audio as the driving force behind the characters’ movements and expressions highlights a sophisticated AI model that interprets vocal cues to generate corresponding visual actions, providing a seamless integration of auditory and visual data to create convincingly lifelike virtual interactions.

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