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As a study plan for machine learning interviews, this GitHub repository prepares you for the next step in your career.


The GitHub repository in discussion serves as a comprehensive study plan tailored for individuals aiming to excel in machine learning interviews, specifically designed to propel one’s career forward. This project stands as an essential toolkit for those who are confident in their machine learning abilities and are eager to employ these skills in various project contexts, with a particular emphasis on acing job interviews.

Central to this repository is a meticulously curated collection of questions that are commonly encountered in machine learning engineer interviews, drawing from real-life experiences at leading tech companies such as Facebook, Amazon, and Google. The initiative, spearheaded by Pham An Khang, amalgamates not only a compilation of interview questions but also shares the personal preparation journeys of the author and his peers. This initiative aims to equip job seekers with a nuanced understanding of what to expect and how to navigate the machine learning interview landscape effectively.

The genesis of this resource is rooted in the author’s personal journey and encounters with the interview processes of tech giants, collectively referred to as FAAG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Google), along with Snapchat and LinkedIn. By offering a blend of insights, strategic advice, and a wealth of resources, the project endeavors to cover a broad spectrum of topics. These range from the foundational theoretical concepts of machine learning to the practicalities of problem-solving skills, making it an indispensable guide for those venturing into the machine learning and data science career paths.

The advantages of engaging with this repository are manifold. It demystifies the often opaque and challenging interview processes of major tech firms, providing candidates with a clearer roadmap to success. By harnessing the collective experiences and insights of those who have navigated these interviews successfully, it allows individuals to prepare comprehensively. This preparation not only encompasses the mastery of technical knowledge but also equips candidates with the strategic acumen needed to tackle interviews confidently. In essence, this project acts as a bridge, connecting skilled machine learning practitioners with the opportunity to showcase their capabilities in high-stakes interview environments, thereby fostering career advancement in the competitive tech industry.

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