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Led by Zhentao Shi from CUHK, this course delves into computational methods in economics, focusing on econometrics and machine learning from an econometrician's perspe...


The GitHub project mentioned appears to be an educational course developed by Zhentao Shi, who is affiliated with the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). The course is specifically designed to explore the intersection of computational methods within the field of economics, with a strong emphasis on econometrics and the application of machine learning techniques as viewed through the lens of an econometrician. Econometrics is a branch of economics that uses mathematical and statistical methods to analyze economic data and test hypotheses. The course aims to bridge the gap between theoretical econometric models and practical applications in machine learning, providing a comprehensive understanding of how these methods can be used to analyze economic phenomena.

To facilitate this learning, the course heavily utilizes R, a programming language and environment commonly used for statistical computing and graphics. R is known for its extensive package ecosystem and community support for data analysis, making it an ideal choice for teaching complex computational methods in an accessible manner. By using R, the course offers students hands-on experience with coding, allowing them to implement the econometric and machine learning methods they learn about in a practical setting. This approach not only reinforces the theoretical concepts covered in the course but also equips students with valuable coding skills that are highly sought after in the field of economics and beyond.

Overall, the course represents a comprehensive educational initiative that combines theoretical insights into econometrics and machine learning with practical coding exercises. It is designed to prepare students to apply advanced computational techniques to economic data, enabling them to conduct sophisticated analyses and contribute to the field of economics in both academic and applied contexts.

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