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BililiveRecorder is a tool designed for automatic recording of live streams on Bilibili.


BililiveRecorder is a specialized software tool crafted to enhance the experience of engaging with Bilibili, a popular live streaming platform. Its primary function is to automate the process of recording live streams, providing users with the capability to capture and archive live content without manual intervention. This tool is distinguished by several key features and advantages that cater to the needs of its users.

First and foremost, BililiveRecorder is designed to detect and initiate recording automatically as soon as a live stream commences on Bilibili. This feature ensures that users never miss out on capturing live content, making it incredibly convenient for those who follow multiple broadcasters or cannot be online at all times.

In addition to its auto-start functionality, BililiveRecorder supports the simultaneous recording of multiple live streams. This multi-tasking capability is invaluable for users interested in tracking and recording several streams at once, maximizing efficiency and content collection without requiring multiple instances of the software.

Another significant feature of BililiveRecorder is its automatic repair function. Live streaming, by nature, can be susceptible to various issues, including interruptions and quality degradation caused by server-side problems. BililiveRecorder addresses these challenges by automatically repairing recording issues, ensuring that the final recorded content is of the highest possible quality, even in the face of technical difficulties encountered during the live broadcast.

The tool is developed in pure C#, a choice that eliminates the need for native dependencies like ffmpeg. This design decision not only simplifies the software’s architecture but also enhances its compatibility and ease of installation, making it accessible to a wider range of users without requiring advanced technical skills.

Ease of use is further emphasized through BililiveRecorder’s graphical user interface (GUI). The GUI allows users to effortlessly manage their recording tasks, including the quick addition of room numbers for tracking specific streams, enabling online playback of recorded content, and managing storage of danmaku (live comment stream) information, enriching the viewing experience with interactive elements from the live broadcast.

BililiveRecorder also incorporates support for webhooks, a feature that enables integration with other services and applications. This functionality allows for automated notifications or actions to be triggered based on events within BililiveRecorder, offering advanced users and developers the flexibility to create custom workflows or integrate recording capabilities into broader systems.

While BililiveRecorder does not directly support the submission of recorded content back to Bilibili, it is designed to be compatible with other submission tools, such as auto-bilibili-recorder. This compatibility ensures that users can easily transition from recording to uploading content, facilitating a seamless workflow for content creators who wish to archive and share their recorded streams.

In summary, BililiveRecorder stands out as a comprehensive tool for Bilibili users and content creators, offering automated recording, multi-stream support, quality assurance through automatic repairs, and user-friendly operation. Its design and features address the specific needs of live stream viewers and broadcasters, making it a valuable addition to the digital toolkit of anyone looking to capture and preserve live content from Bilibili.

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