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GithubX is a Chrome browser extension designed to enhance the functionality and user experience of GitHub by providing a core feature that allows users to group and ta...


GithubX is a Chrome browser extension crafted to significantly improve how users interact with and manage their starred projects on GitHub. At the heart of GithubX lies its ability to enable users to group and tag their starred projects, a feature that addresses a common challenge faced by GitHub users: the lack of native tools for efficiently organizing starred repositories. When a user stars a new project, GithubX prompts them to assign it to a specific group and tag, facilitating better organization and retrieval in the future. This extension also features a backend management interface, making it easy for users to group and tag all their starred projects, thereby enhancing the overall management of these repositories. By introducing such functionalities, GithubX not only aims to enrich the user experience on GitHub but also plans to roll out more innovative features to further augment GitHub’s utility and user engagement.

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