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This repository contains data from HackerNoon's annual startup competition.


The GitHub project in question is centered around the annual startup competition hosted by HackerNoon, a well-known publication in the tech and startup community. The repository is a treasure trove of data relevant to this competition, housing extensive datasets that are vital for anyone interested in analyzing or reporting on emerging trends within the startup ecosystem. One of the key components of this repository is the ‘votes_by_region.json’ file, which, as the name suggests, contains data on how votes were distributed across different regions. This file, along with others in the repository, is instrumental for conducting detailed analysis on various aspects of the competition, such as regional preferences, trends in technology adoption, and the overall popularity of participating startups.

What sets this repository apart is not just the data it contains but also the methodology employed to manage and access this data. The project makes extensive use of the GitHub API, which is a powerful tool for developers looking to integrate GitHub functionality into their applications or automate their workflows. Specifically, the repository demonstrates advanced techniques for fetching large files from GitHub, a common challenge given GitHub’s restrictions on file size. It delves into handling commit SHAs (Secure Hash Algorithms), which are used to uniquely identify commits in the repository, and blobs, which represent file data. Furthermore, it explains how to deal with base64 encoded data, a method used to encode binary data into ASCII string format, making it easier to transmit and store.

This practical application of the GitHub API serves as an educational resource for developers facing similar challenges. It provides a clear example of how to overcome GitHub’s file size limitations when managing large datasets. By showcasing these techniques, the repository not only aids developers in handling large data files within their own projects but also enhances their understanding of working with GitHub’s API for efficient data management. This makes it a valuable resource for developers looking to leverage GitHub for large-scale data analysis and application development, offering them a real-world example of how to navigate the complexities of working with extensive datasets in a version-controlled environment.

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