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Dateparser is a powerful date parsing library that offers support for over 200 languages, making it the most versatile date parser available.


Dateparser is designed as a comprehensive solution for the challenges associated with parsing dates from text across a vast array of languages and formats. At its core, the library supports over 200 languages, positioning it as an exceptionally versatile tool in the realm of date parsing. The primary mechanism through which Dateparser operates is the dateparser.parse() function. This function streamlines the parsing process, enabling users to easily convert dates from a multitude of formats and languages into standardized datetime objects.

The library’s capabilities extend to interpreting dates in various formats, such as conventional date representations, timestamps, and even dates expressed in natural language. This includes parsing phrases like ‘in two months’ or ’23 hours ago’, covering a wide spectrum from relative dates to specific timestamps in languages ranging from English and Spanish to more complex scripts like Chinese and Thai. Such a feature set makes Dateparser not just a tool for parsing but also a bridge across linguistic barriers in date interpretation.

One of the standout features of Dateparser is its customizable settings. These settings empower users to tailor the parsing process to their specific needs. Users have the ability to specify the order in which dates are interpreted (e.g., day-month-year vs. month-day-year), express a preference for parsing dates as either in the past or future, and set a base date for the context of relative date calculations. These adjustments ensure that the parsing process aligns with the unique requirements of different applications and user preferences, enhancing the utility and flexibility of the library.

Designed for compatibility with Python versions 3.5 and above, Dateparser is crafted to serve a broad audience. Whether for developers working on international applications that require multilingual date parsing or for projects that demand robust handling of diverse date formats, Dateparser offers a solid foundation. By reducing the likelihood of parsing errors and providing a reliable method to convert a wide range of date inputs into datetime objects, Dateparser stands out as a powerful tool for overcoming the complexities associated with date parsing in global applications.

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