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PyPDF2 is a Python library for manipulating PDF files, offering features to split, merge, crop, and transform the pages of PDF documents.


The PyPDF2 project is designed as a comprehensive Python library for handling PDF files, providing users with the ability to perform a variety of manipulations on PDF documents. Its primary functionalities include the ability to split PDF files into individual pages, merge multiple PDF documents into a single file, crop pages to adjust their visible area, and transform the layout of pages. This versatility makes PyPDF2 particularly useful for tasks that involve the restructuring or consolidation of PDF content, such as in document management systems or for creating automated reporting tools.

One of the key features of PyPDF2 is its capability to enrich PDF files with custom data and viewing options, along with the ability to secure documents by adding passwords. This aspect of the library enhances the security and personalization of PDF documents, catering to the need for both protected document sharing and tailored user experiences. Additionally, PyPDF2 supports the extraction of text and metadata from PDFs, an essential feature for content analysis and metadata management applications. This feature is particularly valuable for parsing documents and preparing them for ingestion into data processing pipelines, where the extracted information can be analyzed or used to automate certain tasks.

As a free and open-source project, PyPDF2 offers broad accessibility and the opportunity for community-driven improvements and expansions. This openness encourages collaboration and innovation, allowing developers to contribute to its development or adapt it to meet their specific needs. Despite being succeeded by PyPDF4, which implies ongoing development and potential enhancements in the PDF manipulation domain, PyPDF2 remains a powerful tool. Its broad compatibility with various PDF operations ensures that it can handle a wide range of tasks related to PDF manipulation, making it a suitable choice for developers and professionals looking for a reliable library to manage and transform PDF documents.

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