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ProperTree is a cross-platform plist (Property List) editor, designed specifically for editing Hackintosh configuration files like config.plist used by OpenCore.


Alright, let’s dive deep into the essence of ProperTree and its role in the Hackintosh community. ProperTree is not just any ordinary plist editor; it’s a specialized tool aimed at Hackintosh enthusiasts who require precise and effective tools to edit their configuration files, particularly the config.plist file used by OpenCore.

What is a plist file?

To understand the significance of ProperTree, first, we need to grasp what plist files are. Plist, short for Property List, files are structured data files used primarily by macOS and iOS for storing settings and properties of applications and system components. They can be in XML format or a binary format and are crucial for defining behavior and settings on these operating systems.

Why is ProperTree important for Hackintosh users?

Hackintosh systems are essentially non-Apple hardware running macOS, which is not supported out of the box. OpenCore is a boot loader used to make a Hackintosh system function by tricking the macOS into thinking it’s running on Apple hardware. The config.plist file is at the heart of an OpenCore setup, containing essential configuration settings that determine how the operating system interacts with the hardware. Editing this file requires precision and understanding of the settings’ impact on system behavior.

Features Tailored for Hackintosh Users:

  • OC Snapshot: This feature is a game-changer for Hackintosh users. It scans the EFI partition where OpenCore is located and automatically updates the config.plist file based on the drivers and kexts (kernel extensions) present. This ensures that all necessary components are correctly referenced in the configuration, simplifying the update and maintenance process.
  • OC Clean Snapshot: Building on the snapshot feature, the clean snapshot function goes a step further by creating a fresh configuration based on the current setup. It removes unnecessary entries and outdated references, making sure that the configuration is as clean and efficient as possible. This is particularly useful for troubleshooting or optimizing the Hackintosh setup.

Cross-Platform Compatibility:

Another key aspect of ProperTree is its cross-platform nature. Whether you’re working on macOS, Windows, or Linux, ProperTree provides a consistent and reliable tool for editing plist files. This accessibility ensures that Hackintosh users can manage their systems regardless of the operating system they’re currently using.


In summary, ProperTree stands out as an indispensable tool for the Hackintosh community. Its specialized features, such as OC snapshot and OC clean snapshot, streamline the process of managing and updating Hackintosh configurations. The tool’s focus on the config.plist file, combined with its cross-platform capabilities, makes it an essential asset for anyone running or setting up a Hackintosh system.

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