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Provides a warehouse world model for testing autonomous mobile robots in warehouse operations, such as moving pallets and shelves.


This GitHub project offers a simulation environment specifically designed for the development and testing of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) within a warehouse setting. The core of the project is a highly detailed, virtual warehouse world model that serves as a testing ground for these robots. The environment is crafted to mimic the complexities and operational requirements of real-world warehouses, focusing on typical tasks such as transporting pallets and navigating shelving units.

The model includes various features to accurately simulate warehouse operations, such as spatial configurations of aisles, racks, and loading docks, as well as dynamic elements like moving pallets, which the robots must handle efficiently. This simulation allows developers to test the navigation, obstacle avoidance, and task execution capabilities of AMRs in a controlled yet realistic setting. By providing a virtual environment, the project facilitates the development of algorithms and systems for AMRs, aiming to enhance their reliability, efficiency, and overall performance in warehouse logistics. The emphasis is on creating a versatile testing platform that can adapt to different warehouse layouts and operational demands, enabling the development of robots capable of undertaking a wide range of material handling tasks with minimal human intervention.

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