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Redir is a versatile project designed to elegantly handle URL redirection and go package import redirection.


Redir is a comprehensive project aimed at streamlining the process of URL redirection and Go package import redirection with a focus on elegance and efficiency. At its core, Redir facilitates two main functionalities:

  1. Short URL Redirection: This feature allows for the creation of shorter, more aesthetically pleasing URLs that are easier to share and remember. It’s particularly useful for linking to resources such as conference presentations or documents, transforming lengthy, complex URLs into clean, professional-looking links. An example provided is the redirection from ‘‘ to a specific, longer resource URL. This not only enhances the user experience by simplifying access to resources but also contributes to a more polished and professional online presence.

  2. Go Package Import Redirection: Redir addresses the specific needs of the Go programming community by handling ‘go get’ requests for Go packages in a smart and efficient manner. For instance, a request for ‘’ is seamlessly redirected to the appropriate GitHub repository where the package is hosted. This feature is a boon for Go developers as it offers an alternative method to distribute and access Go packages outside the traditional GitHub infrastructure. It simplifies the process, making it more intuitive and accessible, especially for those working within the Go ecosystem.

Advantages of Redir include:

  • Simplification and Efficiency: By providing short, memorable URLs and a streamlined method for accessing Go packages, Redir significantly simplifies the process of sharing and accessing online resources and Go packages. This efficiency is crucial for professionals and developers who require quick and easy access to these resources.

  • Professionalism: The ability to use short URLs enhances the professional appearance of shared links, making them more appealing in professional contexts such as business communications, academic presentations, and documentation.

  • Support for Go Community: Specifically catering to the needs of the Go development community, Redir supports the unique package management requirements of Go, facilitating a smoother workflow for developers.

  • Enhanced Management and Monitoring: With features for monitoring access statistics and managing URL aliases, Redir goes beyond simple redirection. These functionalities offer users insights into their links’ performance and the flexibility to manage their online resources effectively.

Overall, Redir stands out as a versatile and advantageous tool for both the general web-using public and specifically the Go developer community, enhancing the way we share and access resources and Go packages online.

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