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Broot is a new way to view and navigate directory trees, offering a more interactive and comprehensive experience compared to the traditional tree command.


Broot introduces a novel approach to browsing and managing directory structures on a computer, aiming to enhance the user experience beyond what is provided by the classic tree command, which simply lists directories and files in a tree-like structure. This tool is designed for those who require a more dynamic and rich interaction with their file system, especially when dealing with large and complex directory hierarchies.

The core functionality of Broot allows users to perform searches within their directories. Unlike basic search tools that only offer linear results, Broot provides an interactive search mechanism that dynamically updates the displayed tree to show only the parts of the directory structure that match the search query. This makes finding files and directories much faster and more intuitive.

Furthermore, Broot doesn’t just stop at browsing. It offers capabilities for direct manipulation of files and directories from within its interface. This means users can rename, delete, or move items without having to exit the tool and use separate commands in the shell. This streamlining of operations can significantly speed up file management tasks.

Customization is another key aspect of Broot. Recognizing that different users have different needs and preferences, the tool allows for personalization of its display and behavior. Users can configure how directories and files are presented, what information is shown, and even define their own commands or shortcuts to tailor the tool to their workflow.

Integration with the shell is a critical feature of Broot. It’s designed to work seamlessly with common shell environments, making it easy to launch and use as part of regular command-line activities. By enhancing the command line with Broot’s capabilities, users can achieve a more efficient and pleasant file system exploration and management experience.

Overall, Broot stands out by offering a comprehensive, interactive, and customizable solution for navigating and manipulating the file system directly from the command line, aiming to improve productivity and user satisfaction in file management tasks.

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