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Word Discoverer is a Chrome extension that enhances English reading experience for non-native speakers.


The GitHub project, Word Discoverer, is designed as a Chrome extension specifically aimed at aiding non-native English speakers in enhancing their reading skills and vocabulary. This extension operates by scanning texts displayed in the Chrome browser and identifying words and phrases that are uncommon or rare. Once these words are identified, the extension highlights them, making it easy for users to spot and learn new vocabulary as they read online content. This functionality is particularly beneficial for ESL (English as a Second Language) learners, as it mimics the natural process through which native speakers encounter and learn unfamiliar words in their reading material. By bringing attention to these rare words and phrases, Word Discoverer aims to provide a seamless and integrated learning experience that enriches the reader’s vocabulary and understanding of the English language, thereby improving their overall reading experience. This tailored approach is designed to not only facilitate vocabulary expansion but also to simulate a learning environment that is akin to the experience of native speakers, making it a unique and valuable tool for non-native English readers.

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