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The Mask Moisture Meter is a small device designed to detect the humidity level of face masks.


The Mask Moisture Meter project is an innovative response to a critical need identified during the pandemic period, focusing on enhancing personal protective equipment (PPE) effectiveness, specifically face masks. As masks became an essential part of daily attire to mitigate the spread of viruses, maintaining their effectiveness became equally important. This device serves a vital function by monitoring the moisture level within face masks, which can compromise their protective capabilities when damp.

Utilizing a combination of hardware and sensor technology, the Mask Moisture Meter is compact and designed for easy integration with everyday face masks. The core functionality revolves around humidity sensors that meticulously measure the level of moisture accumulated in the mask over time. Once the moisture level reaches a threshold where the mask’s effectiveness might be compromised, the device activates a warning system. This system consists of a red light indicator and a sound alarm, which work in tandem to notify the wearer that the mask has become too damp for safe use.

The primary aim of this device is to promote public health and safety by ensuring masks are used optimally. By alerting wearers to replace or dry their masks, it directly contributes to reducing the risk of virus transmission in community settings. The invention is grounded in leveraging simple yet effective technology solutions to address widespread public health concerns, making it a practical tool in the ongoing efforts to manage and mitigate the effects of the pandemic.

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