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Dokany is a user-mode file system library for Windows, offering a FUSE (Filesystem in Userspace) Wrapper.


Dokany is essentially a toolset designed for Windows developers that enables the creation and management of file systems in a safer and more manageable way than traditional methods. By operating in user mode, rather than kernel mode, Dokany reduces the complexity and risk associated with file system driver development. This distinction is crucial because kernel-mode drivers run with very high privileges and can cause system-wide crashes if there are bugs. User-mode operations, on the other hand, are isolated from the core operating system, limiting the potential for a malfunction to impact the system’s stability.

The inclusion of a FUSE (Filesystem in Userspace) Wrapper is particularly noteworthy. FUSE is a well-established open-source project that enables non-privileged users to create their own file systems without altering kernel code, which is particularly popular in Unix-like operating systems. By offering a FUSE-compatible layer, Dokany makes it possible for developers familiar with FUSE to easily port or create file systems for Windows with minimal learning curve.

The ability to create virtual disk drives that appear in ‘My Computer’ as if they were physical drives (hard drives, removable drives, or network drives) opens up a wide range of applications. For instance, developers can create file systems for encrypted storage, cloud file storage solutions that appear as local drives for easier access, or special-purpose file systems for content management. These virtual drives integrate seamlessly with Windows Explorer and other file management utilities, providing end users with a familiar interface to interact with.

In summary, Dokany provides a powerful and flexible platform for developing file systems on Windows, emphasizing safety, ease of use, and compatibility with existing FUSE-based file systems. Its user-mode operation offers a significant advantage in terms of system stability and security, making it an attractive option for developers working on innovative file storage solutions.

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