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Evans is a more user-friendly gRPC client, implemented in Go.


Evans is a project that focuses on enhancing the experience of interacting with gRPC (gRPC Remote Procedure Calls) services by offering a client that is more intuitive and user-friendly than traditional gRPC clients. Implemented in the Go programming language, known for its efficiency and suitability for systems programming, Evans brings a protocol-aware approach to the table. This means it understands the gRPC protocol intricacies, enabling it to offer features that are specifically designed to streamline the debugging and testing process of gRPC APIs.

One of the key features of Evans is API completion. This functionality likely leverages the knowledge of the gRPC protocol to provide suggestions or auto-completions when you’re typing out API requests. This can significantly speed up the process of constructing requests, especially for users who are dealing with complex or unfamiliar APIs.

Another notable feature is request building. This implies that Evans can assist users in creating the requests needed to interact with gRPC services. This might involve guiding the user through the required fields, handling serialization, and ensuring that the requests are correctly formatted according to the gRPC specifications. Such a feature is invaluable for debugging and testing, as it reduces the likelihood of errors caused by incorrectly formatted requests and allows developers to focus more on the logic and behavior of the API rather than the syntax and protocol details.

Overall, Evans aims to make the process of working with gRPC APIs more efficient and less error-prone. By providing a more intuitive interface and helpful features that leverage its protocol awareness, it addresses common pain points encountered when debugging and testing gRPC services, making it a potentially valuable tool for developers working in this space.

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