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Stataway is an innovative project that utilizes the GPS coordinates of your phone to determine whether to set your home thermostat to 'Home' or 'Away' mode, thereby sa...


Stataway represents a cutting-edge approach to smart home management, particularly in optimizing the use of heating and cooling systems. At the heart of its functionality lies the use of GPS data from your smartphone to make real-time decisions about your home’s thermostat settings. The project is designed to switch your thermostat between ‘Home’ and ‘Away’ modes based on your physical location. When you are away from home, it sets the thermostat to ‘Away’ mode, reducing the energy consumption by minimizing the heating or cooling of an empty house. Conversely, as you approach your home, Stataway detects your proximity and adjusts the thermostat to ‘Home’ mode, ensuring your living space is at a comfortable temperature by the time you arrive.

This automation leverages the GPS technology in smartphones, which provides precise and reliable data on your location. By utilizing this data, Stataway aims to eliminate unnecessary energy usage, which not only helps in reducing utility bills but also plays a significant role in environmental conservation. The project embodies a practical application of smart technology to make energy usage more efficient and homes more comfortable, without requiring manual adjustments or constant monitoring of thermostat settings. Through its innovative use of GPS coordinates for real-time thermostat management, Stataway offers a smart solution to energy savings and contributes to the broader goals of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

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