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Wayne is a web-based, universal, one-stop visualization management platform for multiple Kubernetes clusters developed by the 360 Search Cloud Platform team.


Wayne is a comprehensive web-based platform specifically designed for managing multiple Kubernetes clusters, created by the 360 Search Cloud Platform team. It stands out as a universal, one-stop solution for visualization management, streamlining the process of creating and deploying resources within Kubernetes environments. The platform is engineered with a user-friendly interface that simplifies operations, making Kubernetes management accessible and intuitive even for users without deep technical expertise in Kubernetes.

At the core of Wayne’s architecture is a microkernel design, which is crucial for its flexibility and adaptability. This architecture supports a plugin-based approach for integrating various functionalities, allowing users to customize the platform according to their specific enterprise requirements. Such an extensible framework ensures that Wayne can evolve alongside the changing needs of businesses and technology landscapes.

Wayne’s adoption of Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for managing permissions is another significant feature. By organizing resources within the concepts of departments and projects, Wayne delivers fine-grained control over resource access, aligning with the security and organizational structures of enterprises. This RBAC model is pivotal for enterprises looking to establish a secure, private cloud platform, as it ensures that users have access only to the resources they are authorized to manage, enhancing security and governance.

Key features of Wayne include:

  • Visual Operations: Its user-friendly interface allows for easy navigation and operation, making Kubernetes management more approachable for non-experts.
  • Diverse Editing Modes: Supports graphical, JSON, and YAML editing modes, catering to users’ preferences and expertise levels.
  • Multi-cluster Management: Enables the handling of multiple Kubernetes clusters from a single interface, simplifying the complexity associated with managing resources across various environments.
  • Comprehensive Permission Management: With its robust permission management system, Wayne facilitates secure, multi-tenant scenarios, ensuring users can safely manage and deploy resources according to their roles.
  • Multiple Login Methods: Offers flexibility in authentication with support for LDAP, OAuth2, and database login methods, accommodating various enterprise security policies.
  • Complete Auditing Capabilities: Tracks and records operations, enhancing security and accountability within the platform.
  • Open Platform with APIKey Support: Ensures ease of integration with other systems and tools, making it a versatile solution for diverse IT ecosystems.
  • Multi-level Monitoring: Provides detailed insights into the performance and status of services and containers, supporting proactive management and troubleshooting.

Wayne’s effectiveness and reliability have been proven through its extensive use within 360 Search, where it has managed nearly a thousand services and tens of thousands of containers over two years. This track record highlights Wayne’s capability to support high-demand, production-grade environments, making it an ideal choice for enterprises seeking a robust, scalable solution for Kubernetes cluster management. Its blend of ease of use, comprehensive feature set, and adaptability positions Wayne as a leading solution for businesses aiming to integrate and manage Kubernetes clusters efficiently and securely.

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