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Deep Deformable 3D Caricatures with Learned Shape Control is a project by POSTECH and Microsoft Research Asia.


The project “Deep Deformable 3D Caricatures with Learned Shape Control,” developed by POSTECH and Microsoft Research Asia, introduces an innovative approach to generating and manipulating 3D caricatures. At its core, this project is about capturing the unique and exaggerated features of caricatures in three dimensions within a streamlined and efficient framework. By utilizing a compact parameter space, the system facilitates data-driven adjustments, allowing users to mold and reshape 3D caricature figures with ease and precision.

One of the key features of this project is the implementation of a SIREN MLP (Sinusoidal Representation Networks Multilayer Perceptron), which underpins the deformable surface model. This model is sensitive to various input latent codes, essentially codes that represent the underlying characteristics or features of the caricature. This sensitivity enables the model to offer a vast editing arena where users can apply both semantic changes—those that adjust the meaning or expression of the caricature—and point-based deformations, which alter specific points or areas of the model.

Such a framework is groundbreaking for several reasons. Firstly, it allows for the creation of 3D caricatures that are not only highly exaggerated but also maintain a natural appearance, a balance that is challenging to achieve with traditional methods. This means caricatures can be more expressive and engaging, capturing the essence of the subject with heightened creativity and flair.

Additionally, the project supports automatic 3D caricature generation, streamlining the process of creating these complex models. This automation could be particularly beneficial in various applications, from entertainment and gaming to virtual reality and beyond, where personalized and expressive 3D models add value and depth to the user experience.

Overall, the advantages of the Deep Deformable 3D Caricatures project lie in its ability to merge artistic expression with advanced technology, providing users with a powerful tool for creating highly customized and dynamic 3D caricatures. Its blend of data-driven manipulation and deformation capabilities opens up new possibilities for creativity and innovation in 3D modeling and animation.

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