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An efficient and optimized GPT model implementation in C++ by Professor Wang Yi from Fudan University.


This GitHub project showcases an implementation of a GPT model in C++, crafted by Professor Wang Yi from Fudan University. The project stands out due to its efficiency and optimization, achieving mature and efficient operation on a single GPU. Remarkably, despite the complexity typically associated with GPT models, this implementation is concise, spanning only a few hundred lines of code. This brevity is the result of 2.5 years of focused effort by Professor Wang Yi, who has distilled the essence of the GPT model into an accessible and streamlined codebase. The project not only demonstrates the potential for high-performance AI models to be implemented in a compact and efficient manner but also exemplifies the power of optimization and careful coding practices. Through this work, Professor Wang Yi contributes a valuable resource to the AI and machine learning community, providing a foundation for further exploration and development of efficient GPT models that can be run on limited hardware resources.

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